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A recap of my 30ArticlesForNovember

2019-12-05 2 min read Blog

On November I shared on Twitter an article each day. They were about C#, general programming and advanced topics. For celebrating the conclusion of this challenge, I wrote a poem about that.

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For this November I decided to share each day an article on Twitter.

I did it for simple reasons:

  • share great content with the Twitter community
  • recognize author’s work by sharing and promote it
  • discover new things and see the world from a different point of view
  • achieve the goal of reading at least an article each day

Here’s the recap:

On November I did my best trying to share an article each day.

I completed my own quest,

and here comes my links array.

Most of them were on C sharp,

on some things I thought were dull.

went deep in, like in a scarp, with indexers, lazy, LINQ and null.

You can be a [string or a String]( "string vs String"),

it depends on your namespace.

Returning null is not a small thing,

just like swapping vars in place.

To be or not to be?

This is the question.

Will you use Cosmos DB?

Try EF Core, but pay attention.

«[Unit of work]( "Unit of work with EF Core")! I'll start from here»,

or maybe Dapper, and something more?

That’s not obvious, I’ll be sincere,

you might want EF Core.

[.NET Standard, Core and Framework]( ".NET versions differences"),

you can see them all in action.

Want performance? Want great work?

Take care of Garbage Collection.

«I wanna all remote! Remote [work]( "Remote working downside"), remote [calls]( "gRPC vs Rest APIs")!».

If your boss allows it, just say «Thanks!»

If not, don’t break his balls.

Be a nice person, just like Tom Hanks.

My [source code is not a book]( "Source code readibility"),

few comments - lots of defects.

TDD, I had a look.

But, only positive effects??

Doesn't care if frontend or backend,

remember to test - don’t leave that empty gap -

unit, integration, end 2 end,

and you’ll create a better app.

[Will you fail?]( "3 stages of failure") I can't tell.

You must plan your career with attention.

Ok, ya know what is a shell

Something cool to talk at a convention.

For 2020 I wanna speak at [another conference](/blog/advices-from-my-first-public-speech "My first speech experience"),

and maybe write with more regularity,

this will help me gain self-confidence,

and increase my blog popularity.

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