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A recap of my 30ArticlesForNovember

2019-12-05 2 min read Blog

For this November I decided to share each day an article on Twitter.

I did it for simple reasons:

  • share great content with the Twitter community
  • recognize author’s work by sharing and promote it
  • discover new things and see the world from a different point of view
  • achieve the goal of reading at least an article each day

Here’s the recap:

On November I did my best

trying to share an article each day.

I completed my own quest,

and here comes my links array.

Most of them were on C sharp,

on some things I thought were dull.

went deep in, like in a scarp, with indexers, lazy, LINQ and null.

You can be a string or a String,

it depends on your namespace.

Returning null is not a small thing,

just like swapping vars in place.

To be or not to be?

This is the question.

Will you use Cosmos DB?

Try EF Core, but pay attention.

«Unit of work! I’ll start from here»,

or maybe Dapper, and something more?

That’s not obvious, I’ll be sincere,

you might want EF Core.

.NET Standard, Core and Framework,

you can see them all in action.

Want performance? Want great work?

Take care of Garbage Collection.

«I wanna all remote! Remote work, remote calls!».

If your boss allows it, just say «Thanks!»

If not, don’t break his balls.

Be a nice person, just like Tom Hanks.

My source code is not a book,

few comments - lots of defects.

TDD, I had a look.

But, only positive effects??

Doesn’t care if frontend or backend,

remember to test - don’t leave that empty gap -

unit, integration, end 2 end,

and you’ll create a better app.

Will you fail? I can’t tell.

You must plan your career with attention.

Ok, ya know what is a shell

Something cool to talk at a convention.

For 2020 I wanna speak at another conference,

and maybe write with more regularity,

this will help me gain self-confidence,

and increase my blog popularity.

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