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How to use HttpRepl to navigate API endpoints

With HttpRepl you can perform HTTP operations as they were local folders, using the CLI. Let's see how to configure it and run GET and POST operations.

2020-Sep-228 Min Read

10 things hiking can teach you as a junior developer

During this holiday I hiked for the first time. I found some lessons that hiking can teach junior devs

2020-Sep-086 Min Read

Understanding Swagger integration in .NET Core

Swagger is a tool that exposes the documentation of your APIs and helps collaborating with other teams. We'll see how to integrate it with .NET Core 3, how to add XML comments and status codes.

2020-Aug-258 Min Read

Clean code tips - comments and formatting

Are all comments bad? When they are necessary? Why formatting is so important? Writing clean code does not only refer to the executed code, but also to everything around.

How to run integration tests for .NET API

Integration tests are useful to check if multiple components fit together well. How can you test your APIs? And how can you mock dependencies?

5 things about DateTime time zones and formatting

You're using DateTime.Now, aren't you? Be careful, because it may bring some troubles to your application. Here I'll explain why and I'll talk about time zones and formatting in C# DateTime.